I’m scared to get attached, but I’m ready for the pain there might be
Because I love feeling the butterflies, with your face I feel..

All it saw was your nonchalance, all it cared was for perfection but the mirror’s blind, for you’re even more beautiful beneath..

So pure are your emotions, I wish not for even a needle to touch you, Ask me why I feel for you, I saw in you someone who I wished for mine to be..

Stop and wonder how much light you bring wherever you go, how much you teach me to live, it’s boggling how full of life you are, how it’s the good you always see..

Oh I do not know when I started caring, pardon me if I thought about you in every beat
It’s funny the tears were yours, but I’m the one who felt weak..

All I know it’s a feeling I cannot understand, it will remain a story incomplete,
But how I choose to not care, I felt loved where it wasn’t supposed to be..

-Aditya Gulati, Leafletbytes



Every song has a memory, every place has reminiscing

In the lush of my mind she resides, singing by the oak she’s swinging

Oh why dear heart, don’t you remember
You were tormented, dismembered

Why are these hateful words, but meaningless
I Tell myself it’s over, I still don’t feel any less

Yet in my mind she resides, and I smile at her across the fence,
I embrace loneliness but still long for deliverance..

-Aditya Gulati, Leafletbytes

Half as Heavy

A cozy spring morning, it’s 8 am
The sunlight falls on my arm,
It glows like a gem

But my eyes are a sun all in their self,
Maybe they don’t want to rise,
with all the dreams still open over the shelf

I am delicate, I am ripe, I am precious, dreams casting a shadow

But like a rainbow, into certainty, they might fade away..
so let me sleep for now, for this sun wakes up where my fantasies lay.

-Aditya Gulati, Leafletbytes


How the first leaf twitches and the trees dance on the rhythm of the breeze..

How the morning sun flirts with the delicate orange sky,

How the birds chirp in their nests, wake the missus by their side,

How the ocean caresses the island sand, little turtles hatch to take a leap of hope,

As the winter falls, how the snow puts the hills to sleep..and the clouds watch over

How the lake stays still when the moon is full, just to gaze at him while the moment is lull

Look around yourself, every inch of nature is in love, let the wallflower in you bloom itself

-Aditya Gulati, Leafletbytes


Nebula, I’m reborn..the stellar of love grows it’s roots again,
The weightless feeling that it brings, shines a light against the darkness, wide awake within..

Once a white dwarf, now a rainbow of colors unknown,
It’s the want and realization of a world, where I once belonged..

A world untouched, unfelt of needs I had ever know,
Holding hands again, with the same feelings you made me leave alone.

Giant star, I shine bright now..with enough to give to myself, and yet light the way, for an angel to be my gem..

-Aditya Gulati, Leafletbytes

As the cosmos watched

How did we not see the turmoil brew, from a gentle morning warmth, to the raging summer heat. Careless were our words, we went from a Melody to being offbeat.

The distance grew, relishing over the darkness of our thoughts. Maybe deep inside our souls still remember the colors of our world.

But this cosmos is helpless..

Stormy nights, Dreams of you come heavy, my palpating heart cries alone and holds on. I cajole it just a few more nights, until the memories rust off.

So Goodbye my old love, these mornings are empty without your glowing face, these hands are numb without your pulse,

And I know not whether to forgive or move on,

But if I could just rewind the time, if I could just allow someone to break my heart, I’ll wish for it to be you, for I cherish every moment you made me feel the only one..

-Aditya Gulati, LeafletBytes